Wednesday, November 10, 2010


They are bad, sad and live.

I waited all day to say something but I just couldn't. My mom always told me that "if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say it at all...." So I didn't.

If anything, they are even more horrible tonight than they were last night. Lacklustre, lazy, no fight, a team that is not listening to the coach and his staff anymore. While I agree with Burke that the players are underperforming, does ever think that young players today don't necessarily relate to Wilson and his staff. I look at Tampa, Florida and Columbus who are having success with young, energetic coaches with an ability to communicate as well as draw up x's and o's.

Granted, it's only the 2nd intermission and there is 20 minutes of hockey left...or something remotely resembling it. There are skaters, a puck and nets...but if a Panthers/Leafs match up in an empty arena is demotivating for me, I wonder how bad it is for the players.

On a good note, my Christmas Party DJ schedule is filling up am looking forward to a holiday season of celebrations from Victoria to Comox on New Years Eve.

In the meantime, I do beLEAF but my positive energy is not transferring to the players. They've got nothing so far, maybe they'll find whatever it is they need to start scoring.

'Til next time......

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Louis said...

you know, now that you live in Victoria why don't you start cheering for the Canucks instead, I mean, it's been 43 years of misery, move on, I care for you man