Friday, November 5, 2010


There are pros and cons to hiring a band for mixed events such as receptions or parties of any kind. Remember, the party is what your guests generally remember the most. I always advise my clients to plan the event around the guests and their diversity to make it truly memorable for the vast majority. Here is what I think about bands and personal events.....

Pros: As a guy who loves to sing and perform live outside of my disc jockey business, I love the energy and vibe in a room when the crowd and band feed off of each other and everyone is into the music. You can't replace that.

1) Lack of flexibility. What happens when you have guests with diverse backgrounds and age groups such as a wedding reception or 50th birthday party? A band can't really change their playlists or the genre they play. They usually don't take requests either
2) Higher Cost. A GOOD 4 or 5 piece professional band is not cheap, nor should they be. You definitely GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR in the entertainment business.
3) Bands play sets. You are going to have to entertain your guests throughout the night between sets. If not, your guests will lose interest.

So, if your guests are all into the same music, around the same age and do the same thing in the same place....a band might be the way to go if you can afford it. Most events need a variety of music, and the flexibility to entertain based on the guests' individual and group preferences. For if it is not for the guests, then why do it at all? Just a thought.....

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