Saturday, November 6, 2010


I've said many times before, you get what you pay for when it comes to live entertainment. At Big Eye, our prices include everything with no hidden charges for cordless microphones, DJ in a tuxedo, or full dance lighting. Taxes are also included. That's just the beginning though.

Real value is found when your guests leave the party thanking you for giving them a good time and with sore feet from dancing! The best feedback I ever get is when people say to me "I haven't danced like that in years!" or "I haven't heard that song since high school!". You have to ask yourself when looking for a DJ, what is important and what are you really getting for value?

Do you want a bigger company that hires and fires DJs regularly and pays them minimum wage? Personally, I've always felt more comfortable dealing with the owner when it comes to service providers. As the owner, I have a vested interest in your delight with my show. It is my reputation on the line and all of the people in attendance are potential future customers. I ALWAYS bring my best for you and your guests because my business depends on it!

There is just no way an inexperienced DJ can instinctively know what to play for diverse crowds. I grew up in the 70s during the hey day of AM radio, boogied the nights away in the 80s, was forced to listen to BackStreet Boys and Spice Girls in the 90s, and modern Top 40 and Hip Hop now.

It is that flexibility and experience that cannot be replaced by playlists or IPODs.

Lesson for today: make sure you ask the DJ about his/her musical experience and knowledge so that you are comfortable about their ability to adapt to you and your guests.

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